Conservative Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Mike Lang was elected in 2016 as Texas House Representative for District 60. However, this is not his first time serving Texas and its people.

After graduating from Texas Christian University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Rep. Lang served his community for over 30 years in law enforcement, including being elected as the Constable for Hood County in 2013. His loving wife, Katie, even ran for an elected position and continues to hold public office as Hood County’s County Clerk.

During his service in law enforcement, Mike earned numerous awards, including the Congressman’s Medal of Valor and the Purple Heart National Law Enforcement Citation. Mike has led a respected and distinguished career, but his commitment to bettering the lives of Texans is far from over. With his extensive service as a law enforcement officer and as a Constable, Mike understands that to be an effective leader you must be a servant of the people.

Mike is a strong advocate for defending our freedoms and liberties, both on the state and national level. He has become a large part of the conservative movement in Hood County and has raised awareness of the problems that our state is facing due to the lack of conservatism in Austin. Mike's top priority is to uphold the values that are so dear to the people of District 60 and fight valiantly for them, both inside and outside of the Capitol.


Mike currently resides in Granbury with his wife, Katie, where they are active members of Stonewater Church. They have one son, Ryan, who lives and works in the Fort Worth area. 


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